Our Story

The idea for Loophole was conceptualized early in 2015 by Patrick Crowe after shattering his phone screen and paying $100+ for a repair yet again. Patrick began searching for a product that would prevent him from dropping his phone rather than cushion the blow. After searching the internet, no viable options were available. Patrick knew cases would no longer cut it as he began to draw sketches of what would become the Loophole.

After months of sketches and research, Patrick had his first prototype, a wooden circle with a rubber ring glued together. With his idea coming alive, Patrick approached childhood friend Steven Stillwell who had similar experiences with cracking phones and numerous heart stopping phone drops. Together, they furthered the concept to a finished product that was sleek, slim, and durable with a goal to support manufacturing in the USA.

Loophole’s mission is to provide an inexpensive alternative to bulky cases and broken phone screens.

The Loophole has many purposes. Whether you want to use it for casual texting and calling, running, pictures, crowded areas, watching videos, hanging your phone, or a kickstand, the possibilities are endless.

We have some amazing ideas in store and can’t wait to share them with you. Follow us on social media for the latest updates! @LoopholeUSA